Contact & FAQ

To reach Victoria Chick either phone her at 760-533-1897 or
click to email her here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I visit Victoria Chick’s studio? 
Yes, by appointment is best. Email is the surest way to make contact. Use contact page on website

How do I get to Cow Trail Art Studio? 
Stop at the Silver City, NM Visitor Center and ask for a RED DOT ART GUIDE. There is a map inside to Cow Trail Art Studio.

Does Victoria Chick sell her work at her Studio? 
Her studio is not a retail location.

Can I purchase Victoria Chick’s art over the internet? 
Her inventory can be seen on her website. She prefers you contact her via email to arrange a sale. She feels that every artwork and each prospective purchaser is unique.

Is everything on Victoria Chick’s website for sale? 
It may not be. Sold works are indicated on the website as soon as possible but there may be a delay. Some work is on the website for educational purposes. If there is any question contact Victoria Chick.

Does Victoria Chick sell original prints from her collection? 
Original prints are usually for sale.

Does Victoria Chick’s Cow Trail Art Studio have regular hours?
No. She is always glad to welcome visitors, but appreciates an appointment.

How long does it take to receive a painting after purchase?  
Artwork is carefully packed and shipped within 2 days of sale. Purchaser’s delivery location and choice of shipper determines time in transit. All work is sent insured. Cost based on shipping distance, size of package, and price of artwork for insurance fee.

Did Victoria Chick ever live in Kansas City?
Yes, she was affiliated with and had solo shows at the Donald Batman Gallery in Westport in the 70s and 80s. She got a BA in Art from UMKC. She taught at Johnson County Community College and Maplewoods College. Her painting was included in a MID-FOUR juried exhibition at the Nelson-Atkins Museum. She moved to California in 1988.

Did Victoria Chick ever live in San Diego? 
She lived in Ramona in San Diego County. Taught at the University of San Diego and at Palomar College in San Marcos, Ca.; Affiliated with and had solo shows at Santa Ysabel Gallery and at Brandon Gallery; Juror of the 123rd and 124th Southern California Exhibition of Art; Board of Directors, Artists Guild of the San Diego Museum of Art.

Where else can I find information about Victoria Chick?
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