Morgan Dennis

Morgan Dennis
1892 – 1960

Morgan Dennis was born in Boston. His career required his moving to many locations during his lifetime including New York City and Key West, Florida. Part of his life he lived on a houseboat called Sea Dog, which gives an indication of his great interest in life – DOGS.

His earliest job was as an illustrator of newspapers in Boston but drawing dogs took over his interest and became his passion. He was able to make an excellent living illustrating dogs. He was also a talented writer and was the author and illustrator of several books: Pup Himself, Burlap, and The Morgan Dennis Dog Book, a written description of various breed characteristics along with illustrations of the breeds. The Ladies Home Journal magazine also ran a monthly feature he wrote and illustrated called, “Every Dog Has His Say ”.

Dennis created the well known images of Scottie dogs, one black and one white, for the Dewar’s Black and White Scotch Company, His dogs were imprinted on labels and in advertising and B&W Scotch became indelibly associated with Dennis’s charming Scotties. He was commissioned to paint a large mural with dogs as the subject for the Sheraton Russell Hotel in NYC. Unfortunately, the mural was destroyed when the hotel was remodeled.

In addition to his commercial work, Morgan Dennis did numerous etchings of dogs for his own enjoyment. This etching is typical of the lively spirit he imparted to his artwork and shows how well he understood his subjects.

“School’s Out”
archivally matted and framed
4” x 6” image size including signature and side margins
12 ½” x 15 ½” framed size