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This site will give you a glimpse of how I work, where I work, and what I try to communicate as a contemporary figurative artist.

I begin by drawing from life. It gives me the ability to focus on movement within a figure rather than on detail. The gesture of any figure, animal or human, expresses emotion through its action.  Hopefully, the viewer will empathize with the gesture and the emotion expressed through it.

Painting in “series” affords the opportunity to work an idea to its limit by using similar or related images. Exhibiting a large body of work in a gallery space is satisfying because the concept that brought me to do a series can have its development fully shown and makes visual communication of the idea more complete.

Acrylic paint on canvas is my preferred painting media.  Original, hand-pulled prints such as monotypes and monoprints are exciting to do and have many painterly qualities. Drypoint, an intaglio printing technique with the linear qualities of drawing, is another tool for graphic expression I enjoy doing.  I limit these drypoint editions to 20 prints. They are usually extensions of the ideas developed in a painting series.

Thank you for visiting this site. If you are interested in seeing artwork in person, contact one of my dealers. You can also leave your email address on the contacts page to be notified when I have my annual Open Studio.

If you have questions about a specific work, feel free to contact me.